Shoot us your demos, put us on your guest list, ask to come on one of our shows, inquire about a partnership, send us your most fiery hate mail, stroke our egos a bit, give us your money, etc.

We’ll probably only read your email if there’s a captivating subject line, so really put some oomph behind it. No pressure!



Radio Programming
Lucia Betelu, Radio Director

The Lamb (Blog)
Bella Savignano, Editor-in-Chief

Donations + Partnerships
Hannah Roberts, Treasurer
Events + Bookings
Elizabeth Stormont, Head of Events

Katherine Hong, Director of Operations

Art Department
Rosie Armao, Design Star

Jac Clayton,  Head of Photo

Contact information for specific show hosts can be found on their program page!


If you would like to send us snail mail (a little gift, records, old-timey letters, etc.) please email and we’ll follow up with further instructions.


We’re an entirely student-run organization and receive very little funding from The New School. We rely on external donations and fundraising to continue operating.

There are many ways to support us!


We cannot directly accept monetary donations. If you would like to donate money to WNSM, you are able to do so by giving to our school, then requesting that it be allocated to us. Donate here, then click this link to send a pre-filled email to the Gift Accounting department. If you would like to donate goods or services, please email Thanks!

Ads + Sponsorships

On-air ads are available for purchase. Please email for more information.


WNSM merch shop coming soon :)